Android KitKat 4.4: Revolution or Evolution

Ever since its release a lot has been spoken and written about Android KitKat Version 4.4. After all, it is being considered as the biggest Android release till date and smartphone manufacturers are rushing to upgrade their Android devices to the latest version of Android. However, a closer look of KitKat will tell you that … Read more →

Mpie S5 Hands-on Review

Mpie S5 is an innovative Chinese-made cell phone with endless options and a low economical price. It is cutting edge and trending in all the industry markets, priced at $ 85.11. At that price, it is tempting. What is it like upon closer inspection? And will it please the upper level techno junkies? AMAZING AND … Read more →

5 Ways to Secure Your Android Device

With the omnipresence of smartphones these days, it’s hard to believe less than 10 years ago the concept was almost unknown. Granted, there were PDAs and other devices around for some time before then, but Blackberry really didn’t start making a splash in the US market until almost 2006. The introduction of the iPhone in … Read more →

Why Google Nexus 6 is the Big Thing in the Crowd of Smartphones

The stalwarts of the smartphone market, that is, Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC and others are putting their countless efforts to make their product a hit. The smartphones like Galaxy S5, One New (M8), Xperia Z2 and more are making the world spin because of their specifications, features and price. One more manufacturer which is known … Read more →

Best Android Apps for Communication in 2014!

In today’s advanced and technology-oriented environment, people of all ages have become gadget freaks. Possessing a sophisticated multi-functional Android smartphone has now been added in the list of necessities and not luxury. According to the stats, current number of Android apps in the market is 1,199,688 while percentage of low quality apps is 20%. This … Read more →

Top Features of the Moto X

Moto X remains as one of the most popular devices launched recently. The device has got a price tag higher than Moto G but it’s totally justified considering its high end specifications. Moto X does contain some differentiating features that offer a great deal of utility to the smartphone user. To understand the Moto X … Read more →

Xperia Z1 Compact Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – First Look

Today, bigger screen smartphones are ruling the industry. However, you will still find a large sect of people that have got their preference for the mini versions of the device. If you are looking to buy a compact smartphone having all the modern features in it then you can choose from the two best devices, … Read more →

Best smartphones of Lenovo brand according to shop

In this article we want to give you some details about two most interesting smartphones of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]brand Lenovo[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]brand Lenovo[/tp] which we sell in our shop Lenovo P780 If you are a businessman you will be happy to have P780 and we will tell you why: 1. Unmatched Talk Time! In this p-series, Lenovo … Read more →