The E-Commerce platform, Owned by Amazon

On March 28, 2019, it’s going to be two successful years of Amazon with acquisition. Inc. acquirer the in $580 million in the year 2017 to penetrate in a Middle East market which was said to be the biggest deal ever made in Arab. that is recognized as the “Amazon of … Read more →

How to Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Without visitors to your Amazon listings you have no sales. In the early days of Amazon you could put just about anything up and it would sell. However, as the power of Amazon has spread into every corner of retail, most product categories are crowded and competitive. Getting eyeballs on your listings and showing up … Read more →

Amazon exclusive electronics

Other than selling products from different brands, amazon has also started producing and developing exclusive in- house products, mainly in terms of electronics. There is a wide pool of successful amazon exclusive electronics that you can purchase using the Amazon Coupons at amazing price point. Get discounts up to 90% on all the amazing set … Read more →

Utilize Amazon Marketing Services to Drive More Customers to Your Products

Advertising and marketing is the way to showcase your products in front of the visitors and customers. Through advertisements and marketing, the selling brands and products get more attention of the visitors and help in driving conversion rates and sales rates. For the ecommerce vendor sellers of Amazon, Amazon has come with its new Amazon … Read more →

5 Streaming Services to Watch Your Favorite Movies

Entertainment has momentous importance in our everyday lives. Watching movies has been a favorite pastime for humans for a long time. A great movie can easily impact the viewer’s attitudes towards various ideas and goals. These days, people tend to remember movies more than they remember poetry, books or gags. They make us experience thrill, … Read more →

Will Apple’s $1 billion investment towards video streaming services fuel its next phase of growth?

It seems everyone wants a stake in the video streaming pie! After Disney shocked the world with the announcement of its video streaming service, it is the turn of Apple to throw its hat in the ring. With this announcement, Apple will join the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and a host of … Read more →

Google Home’s First Major Update

It is the gadget that brought voice search into the mainstream. Well, actually that was the Amazon Echo, but Google Home’s first significant update since its launch last October sees it close the gap further on its main competitor, in a bid to convince us all that it arrived at the party while Alexa was still choosing … Read more →

Amazon Merchants Whisper the Right KeyWords

Products on Amazon are subject to optimization rather similar to products on a commercial website. Merchants aim to have their product descriptions appear on the first results of a search by a buyer. They have to pre-empt what words will be typed out. In amazon, not unlike in web search engines, those keywords can be … Read more →

5 considerations before going for cloud storage

Today everyone talks about cloud computing especially digital storage. There is also saying that you don’t need to carry your USB flash memory around anymore because your cloud storage is already your walking storage. Companies like Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon and many more are making good profit by selling cloud storage space to end users. So, … Read more →