Managing and Reporting Backups Tips for CIOs

There are many factors in the IT world today that contribute to backup failure. Things such as large backup windows and various service and compliance regulations have made it imperative that CIOs truly understand the processes involved in backup management. Below you will find tips and tricks to help you better grasp your backup environment. … Read more →

Secrets of data loss [infographic]

In the United States alone, more than 140,000 hard drives crash every week. 40% of that data loss comes from hardware failure. The truth is, all hard drives will eventually fail. With the way we depend on technology to function, it’s critical we do what we can to protect from loss. Read more about the … Read more →

Backup Your Files With EaseUS Todo Backup Software

How many times have you lost photos, documents, or music that had a meaning for you? Surely you wish you had a backup somewhere, but you did not. You should perform regular backups for your machine if you want to be sure you can recover any important data. It’s crucial to backup your files. It … Read more →

How to recover your lost data

One of the most dreaded things to ever happen to us in this computing age is losing our precious files and other important data. It could be due to a system failure, virus attack or just due to your disk drives failing and bringing with it along your important files or even just due to … Read more →

Online Backup – Stuffs that You Should Know

As the name suggests, online backup refers to the process of backing up all the data and files remotely online. Online backup is considered to be an alternative to back all those up at your hard drive. You leverage on the cloud computing technology and internet for creating offsite storage and the hardware requirement is … Read more →

10 Web Site Backup Essentials That You Should Live By

Increasingly more web designers nowadays do not value the relevance of an equipped web site data backup (files and data sources). They have left this to possibility and good luck which positions a great risk to their internet visibility. Can you relate to this? Then read this vital article which may save you an arm … Read more →

How and Why to clone your Mac Hard Drive

A clone is a bootable backup of your Mac’s hard drive that provides redundancy for both your data and the Macintosh Operating System. You can keep backup in various form like Image, Clone etc..If you face system crash or data loss situation, clones provide a way to rollback your Mac OS X installation. Cloning Requirements: … Read more →

External Hard Drive vs. Cloud Backup

Backing up important data is something we all neglect until that dreadful day when we actually lose important files. Data on our hard drives can be lost due to viruses, physical damage, hacking, and hard drive crashes. In this day and age, almost everyone’s livelihood is connected to computers. Some of us are entirely dependent … Read more →

How Disk Cloning Software Differ from Backup Programs in Mac

Mac Disk Cloning utilities (also called Disk imaging utilities) are used to create a sector-by-sector, low-level copy of a Mac hard drive or volume. These disk cloning utilities are often confused with backup software. Backup programs copy the contents of your hard drive at the file level, whereas disk cloning tools do the same job … Read more →

What You Need to Know about Cloud Storage

For many of those who regularly use a computer nowadays, one of the most common dilemmas they face is how to find enough storage space to hold all the data they have acquired so far.  Some individuals invest in bigger hard drives, while others would rather use external storage devices such as compact discs (CDs), external hard drives, or thumb drives (USBs).  There are even those who are desperate enough to resort to deleting entire folders containing old files just to make extra space for new information they would like to keep.  Fortunately, there is cloud storage, a more modern and an excellent alternative to conventional forms of data storage which is increasingly becoming popular nowadays.

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Best techniques to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Nothing is 100% virus proof but by taking the following precautions, you can help reduce the risk of your computer being infected by a virus that could do significant damage. Microsoft offers a feature for Microsoft Windows users through their Microsoft Windows Security Center/ Protect Your PC Site which can help you enable the essentials … Read more →

A Step by Step Guide to Help You in Moving to a New Host

Are you getting downtime pretty often for your website? Is the tech support team of your hosting provider just not responding to your questions? Are you often intrigued by the promotions that your current hosting provider does while asking you to upgrade the system for a better security (After all, they promise security when you … Read more →