5 Tips for marketing your small Business Website

In the ever -evolving and highly competing online world, having a well-designed website is not enough. You need to market and promote your website effectively to spread the word about your business services and other offerings. Here are some proven tips that can help you successfully market your business online. 1. Blogging Blogging is a … Read more →

How to Choose your Blog Topic

Hey there, if you have stumbled across this post, chances are you are a newbie blogger. Well, not that it matters but in this post, we are going to address probably the most important question of a new blogger. The question that is, how should you choose your blog topic. If and after you finish … Read more →

A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

Blogging sounds like fun, and it is, but it’s also work. It takes commitment and dedication to manage your own blog. You must learn from your mistakes along the way and implement changes you don’t always understand. If you want to start a blog, the power is in your hands to make it great. There’s … Read more →

5 Amazing Tools to Get Multimedia Content Ready for Your Blog

Blogging is more than just writing blog posts. It involves a lot of pre- and post-publication work. A great part of preparatory assignments is dedicated to multimedia content, without which blog posts will look boring and unattractive. In most cases, you don’t paste a picture or a video into the post “as-is”. Multimedia files usually … Read more →

Avoid These Three On-Site Hiccups That Could Be Holding Back You Blog

When it comes to building a truly outstanding blog, the name of the game is expectations. For example, modern bloggers are expected to… Constantly update their sites on a regular basis to please readers and search engines Boast a sleek, attractive design that holds visitors’ attention and keeps traffic on the page Craft compelling content … Read more →

What Makes Sponsored Posts So Much Better For Businesses?

Sponsored posts on blogs are getting quite popular these days and have come out as one of the most effective, yet affordable methods for businesses to advertise and market their stuff. Some of the biggest businesses around the world have chosen this method to have their products marketed because they have understood the power of … Read more →

6 Blogging Myths that are Not True

Blogging is not a new word now. Everyone is aware about it’s meaning. But due to lack of knowledge, not right guidance and not knowing the right tools most of people end up blogging without earning a single penny. The glittered words brought people in blogging and they jump into it without doing any analysis … Read more →

3 Questions That Your Blog Must Answer

Starting a blog and turning it into a success can be a huge achievement. One reason why many blogs fail is that they don’t adequately assess the basic whys and hows of their blog. If they could only start at the beginning, they would be in a much better position. What kind of reader are … Read more →

How to Gain New Customers and Retain Old Ones

Loads of articles discuss above said title. Some are vague depiction of well-researched posts while some others are detailed but focus only on either gaining new customers or retaining old ones. In this post, I shall touch both as they are of equal importance. Five important factors: Recently Constant Contact did a survey and found … Read more →

Yahoo buys Tumblr?

American news sites reports that Yahoo has purchased micro-blogging platform Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars. Apparently the board at Yahoo approved the deal Sunday evening and it’s expected that Yahoo will announce the deal during Monday. This will be the biggest purchase Yahoo has made, since Marissa Meyer took over as CEO in June of … Read more →