What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4

March 11, 2013

Now that a date of March 14th has been set for the big unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, months of rumour and speculation can finally be put to bed. Whatever spec the phone actually has, the stories being leaked to various websites suggest that it should present a strong challenge to the iPhone’s dominance […]

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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

December 14, 2012

Are you in the market for a new phone? Or, with the holidays nearly upon us, are you considering getting one for someone you care about? Many people have struggled with deciding between two of the most popular phones this year, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let’s see how they each measure […]

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Top 5 Camera Phones of 2012

October 31, 2012

The constant battle for the throne, between high-end smartphones never seems to end. Manufacturers squeeze extra juices everywhere possible to make their own product superior, varying from processing power to custom user interface. The camera plays a key factor in any smartphone, and it becomes a critical factor among the top-rivals aiming for the number […]

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iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy SIII

October 7, 2012

The new iPhone 5 from Apple beats the Samsung Galaxy SIII in not one, or two, but three different categories – documented here: Healthier The iPhone 5 contains less hazardous materials than the SIII. Faster iPhone 5 is faster than Galaxy SIII, both in terms of JavaScript performance and also video gaming. Sturdier iPhone 5 […]

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Searching for the Thinnest Smartphone

June 17, 2012

In today’s smartphone market, consumers are on the hunt for items with the most cutting edge and advanced features. Some people have to sell an old smartphone just so that they can they can have enough money and have that state-of-the-art phone. That being said, the question is, does size matter? Well, it does in […]

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Smart TV: A New Era in Entertainment

April 28, 2012

Smart TV also known as Connected TV is a new breed of intelligent devices which offer entertainment like never before. Similar to Smart Phones these devices can be hooked up to the internet giving the viewers access to the content earlier available on the computers and the smartphones only. With a Smart TV you can […]

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LG Rumor Reflex

March 21, 2012

So, here we have another environmentally conscious cell phone that has often been advertized as a smartphone, but it is actually a feature phone – which is the opposite of a smartphone and many people prefer the not politically correct term dumb phone. Now, even though this might have sounded a bit too harsh, the […]

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Three smartphones to look forward to in 2012

February 20, 2012

This might not come as a surprise, but we are probably going to see some interesting phone launches in 2012. Probably not any revolutionary phones, rather evolutionary, but who knows – only time will tell. My personal favorite of anticipated smart phones in 2012 is of course the next iPhone, probably to be called Apple […]

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Top 10 Gadgets I Want For Christmas – And Maybe You Would Too? [2011]

November 27, 2011

Greetings and welcome to the 2011 list of “top 10 gadgets I want for Christmas – and maybe you would too?”. This list also exists for 2009 and 2010, in case you want to check’em out for any ideas that might still be gadget worthy. Before we get on with this list for 2011, I […]

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Which LED TV to buy this Christmas?

October 7, 2011

Christmas is one of the most popular times of year for families to buy new television sets. There’s often a bit of money in the kitty after your Christmas bonus and it serves as a great gift to yourself and your family, a gift that everybody can enjoy. What’s more, getting yourself a new telly […]

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World of Tab meets photographer Fatsarazzi – Samsung Galaxy Tab

September 5, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has arrived and will be launched in stores all across the UK this month.  With this, Samsung has launched the “World of Tab” at where you can find videos on unboxing, reviews, and personal stories.  You can also view their Facebook account at In one of the videos (view […]

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The Advantages of a Plasma TV

July 6, 2011

If you are looking for a plasma TV, chances are that you will have a hard time trying to find the right unit that would satisfy all your needs, and of course, your wants as well. One other thing to consider is that if you are not really sure you want to get a plasma […]

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3 Android competitors for the iPad

April 10, 2011

Apple is dominating the tablet market with iPad 1 and iPad 2 since ever. Actually there was no real tablet market before the release of iPad 1. The sudden success of the iPad “forced” many other companies to get into the process of developing their own tablet and try to challenge Apple. Among the strongest […]

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Samsung release Galaxy S II with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

February 21, 2011

It is no wonder that Samsung would release the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II as its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S, has been a great success in the past year. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you will get with the new Samsung Galaxy S II. When you get to hold […]

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Enjoy watching LED TV with your family

January 18, 2011

LED TV is different from LCD TV, both are types of TV, but are not in competition with each other. In a layman’s way of explaining it, LED TV is the son of LCD TV, as the latter is considered the basis of its development. Many people think that LED TV is a new technology; […]

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10 Best Printers for Macs

January 6, 2011

As a Mac user, you already realize that some peripherals are simply not suited for use with an Apple computer. Most printers are capable of interfacing with both Mac and Windows machines, but there are some printers that are just better when used with Mac hardware. Here are the ten best printers to consider if […]

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We might see a Nexus Two from Google after all…

October 29, 2010

Google has previously said that they won’t be making a new Nexus phone and that Nexus One was the only one. But now there are some indications that they have changed their minds and a Nexus Two will hit the streets already this year. While Nexus One was made by HTC, Nexus Two will be […]

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How to Choose the Right Digital Video Camcorder For You

September 14, 2010

Are you going to buy a digital video camcorder, but you have no idea how to choose the right one for you? There are many people who have bought a digital video camcorder for many reasons such as capturing their child’s milestones, their pets, funny moments, vacation trips, and just about everything and anything under […]

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Samsung Epic 4G: A Super Multimedia Phone [review]

September 10, 2010

The Samsung Epic 4G is very much unlike its Galaxy S siblings as it has a physical keyboard and a front-facing camera.  This is currently the second phone that runs on Sprint’s 4G network and as of August 20, 2010, it is priced at $250 along with a two-year contract from Sprint.  The question now […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab disappoints Danish tech-television host

September 6, 2010

Nikolaj Sonne, a Danish tech-journalist and host of his own television show, So Ein Ding, is disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab after having tried it on IFA in Berlin a few days ago. “It’s the same as an Android-based mobile phone. They made the icons twice as big instead of adding twice as many […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab announced – the real iPad killer?

September 3, 2010

Engadget had their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy tab for a preview and several specifications are now available: Android 2.2 with TouchWiz 3.0 7″ capacitive touch screen with 1024×600 resolution Weight: 380 grams 16GB or 32GB internal storage 1 GHz Cortex A8 CPU 1.3MP front-facing camera and 3MP on the back 3G data and […]

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New Text (SMS) World Record? iPhone 4…

August 30, 2010

The current world record holder, Melissa Thompson from United Kingdom, wrote the paragraph (below) in 25.94 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S using the Swype input method: The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human. Blogger Brian Sweet […]

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iSuppli: Android to Outstrip iPhone in 2012

August 6, 2010

More Android-based smartphones were sold in Q1 2010 than iPhones, on the North American market. A trend, which according to iSuppli, will continue so we’ll see more Android smartphones in 2012 than iPhone OS. In 2012, iSuppli believes that Android will be on 75 million smartphones and Apple’s iOS on 62 million devices. Obviously Android […]

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Apple: Free Bumpers for Everyone & Antenna Problem Blown out of Proportion

July 16, 2010

Apple just wrapped up a press conference in Cupertino a few minutes ago, where they went through a bunch of data on the antenna issue which has become known as “the antennagate”. Steve Jobs doesn’t believe the issues with the iPhone 4 antenna are any bigger than what other smartphones are experiencing. Only 0.55% of […]

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