Are You Tempted To Upgrade To The iPad 3?

Apple have, once again, managed to create a frenzy around their latest tablet device – the iPad 3. Smart manufacturers will always remind people who own electronic devices that they’re using the old version by assigning a number to it – Microsoft famously started this trend with Windows 95. After all if the iPad 3 … Read more →

How the iPad helped saved a relationship

I recently met up with a friend who told me something that I wanted to share with you iPad lovers and haters out there – how the iPad helped save his relationship with his girlfriend… First, a quick introduction as to how I came to know about this. I’m not ashamed to admit that I … Read more →

3 Android competitors for the iPad

Apple is dominating the tablet market with iPad 1 and iPad 2 since ever. Actually there was no real tablet market before the release of iPad 1. The sudden success of the iPad “forced” many other companies to get into the process of developing their own tablet and try to challenge Apple. Among the strongest … Read more →

Apple presents iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 — Yeah, I’m getting one!

To some surprise, Steve Jobs himself took the stage during his medical leave of absence, as he “didn’t want to miss it”, as he said, since they had been working on the product (iPad 2) for awhile. Before the iPad 2 presentation, Steve Jobs explained how 100 million books were downloaded so far from iBooks … Read more →

7 iPad Apps That Can Save You Money

Your iPad is capable of much more than gaming, browsing the web, checking email and staying up to date with everything on the social web. In fact, come to think of it, there’s not much that it can’t do – including helping you to stay on top of your personal finances. Hand picked from the … Read more →

Play Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest etc. on your iPad – for free!

I’m guessing if you’re around the age of 30, you’ll remember playing Leisure Suit Larry and Police Quest on your (or your dad’s) PC back in the days. Remember, where you had to type commands and such? It was awesome! Well, now you can do it again – on the iPad. And it’s free, thanks … Read more →

Seven Best iPad Apps for Designers

The iPad is the ideal tablet computer for all kinds of professional requirements, entertainment and games, and facilitates every possible task. Thus it meets all the business needs, the educational needs of the student, entertainment while on the move, games and videos for children, music for those who enjoy it and design apps that will … Read more →

Wrapup: Apple Music Event September 1st – iOS, iPods, AppleTV, AirPlay

Steve Jobs and Apple just wrapped up their September 1st music event in San Francisco, showing us the next two updates to iOS, new iPods, new AppleTV, new iTunes, new AirPlay (previously AirTunes) and a new social media site called Ping. Here’s a complete overview of all that has happened in the 1.5 hour long … Read more →