Guided Access allows Parents to Childproof their iPad or iPhone

December 21, 2021
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If you have ever handed out your iPad or iPhone to a toddler to keep them entertained as you do something else, you are probably aware just how easily their little fingers can open up other apps and navigate in to all types of settings they shouldn’t be messing with. It’s a good thing that […]

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How to Set up Servers and IT Equipment the Right Way

April 5, 2021
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In this day and age, cloud-based technology is all the rage. Most businesses are ditching servers and other hardware devices and gearing toward software completely. However, many businesses still find IT equipment to be a lot more reliable than cloud computing resources.  Simply put, servers and network equipment streamline the digital processes in businesses, particularly […]

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Choosing between a tablet, laptop or desktop

January 17, 2019

Electronic devices aren’t necessarily that cheap and choosing the right one can be a hassle. Choosing the wrong one can cause a lot of misery which you don’t want. If you’re in the market for a new device the best way to start is to get a piece of paper and write down all the […]

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4 tips on how to optimize your health website in 2019

January 14, 2019

Healthcare websites enable doctors and nurses to focus on saving lives as people can find most of the information they need about their problems online. This has created a great opportunity for healthcare businesses to establish an influential online presence. To be a leading provider of healthcare and help as many people as possible, medical […]

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How to Build a Small Business Website

November 13, 2018

If you are thinking of starting your own business, there is much to consider and one thing you will need is a fully operational website. In this digital age, a business without a website will not be taken seriously and if you’re thinking this will be a big ticket item, you’ll be happy to know […]

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How to Convert Mac Outlook OLM File to Outlook PST Format?

March 15, 2018

MS Outlook has come up with both Windows and MAC operating system. Although Windows and Mac support the same email application, the functionality and database of MS Outlook in both platforms are different. Earlier Microsoft Outlook was not a part of MS Office suite for MAC but had to be downloaded separately. Whereas Windows Outlook […]

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time Off from Work

November 3, 2017

Most of us only get only a few weeks off from work, and when we want to make them worth our while, we can sometimes feel as though we are rushing through it. Although everyone likes to experience their vacation in their own way, finding that balance of seeing new things and getting some time […]

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How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive with Disk Drill

October 31, 2017

The USB Flash Drive is a widely popular data storage device as it allows you to carry your digital files in a small form factor. Throughout the years, the memory space used in USB flash drives has gotten bigger, allowing users to store more and more files into their device. Despite this, there may be […]

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Developing Your First App: How to Cooperate with Your Developer and Stay Involved in Your Project

May 29, 2017

Many businesses want to develop their own apps, but most don’t want to hire a team of developers to that for them. Fortunately, they can count on the busy software development market that provides a wide range of options for developing apps – from agencies and outsourcing centers to freelancers and software houses. There are […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Use Excel

May 11, 2017

When Microsoft Excel was first introduced in 1985, it revolutionized the way we worked. The way it eased the burden of keeping track of records, calculations, and other such forms of data, enabled professionals to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Although other spreadsheet programs have been introduced in the market since the […]

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Unable to unlock my Yahoo account!! Get it done!

March 31, 2017

Like the other email account, your Yahoo account may also get locked due to misusing its free services. There are many reasons by which your account can be locked. Some of the reasons are mentioned below: Sending more emails specified by the Service providers. By entering an incorrect password for several times. Maybe you’ve given […]

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How to create a profitable online micro-business on a shoestring budget

March 30, 2017

Getting set up with your very own online micro-business is a great side hustle, whatever your day job. It will provide extra income and give you a taste of entrepreneurship in the online world of commerce. Micro-businesses may not yield a huge amount of capital, but it is a great way for entrepreneurs to gain […]

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How To Get American Netflix In Australia

January 16, 2017

Despite the launch of Australian Netflix in 2015, a lot of Aussies still hunt for ways to unblock US Netflix. Though a lot of content has been added each month to the Australian Netflix and the selection of movies and TV shows is getting better, it still pales in comparison to what is shown on […]

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How to recover corrupt encrypted Outlook attachments?

June 22, 2016

To save email attachments from hackers, users often encrypt their Outlook attachments. Outlook attachments may contain personal information or professional data, which can be easily intercepted by professional hackers if no password or encryption has been imposed on them while receiving or sending Outlook emails. Hackers may take advantage of user detail in any way […]

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Know your eCommerce Toolkit

June 22, 2016

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate, attracting a plethora of merchants and customers to the boisterous digital world. Running an eCommerce website is a profitable endeavor, but also something that demands a constant investment of time and funds. The good news is that assembling a proper toolkit serves as the best way […]

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How Gamification Increases Employee Engagement

June 19, 2016

As the Millennial Generation moves into more and more management positions, one of the challenges that they face is the fact that workers are not as engaged as they could be. According to the Gallup Poll, with only 32 percent of the workforce considered to be currently “engaged” in their positions, there is plenty of room […]

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How to use your social media to amplify your content 

January 29, 2014

These days content is king when it comes to online marketing. In practice this means that the more content you have online the better, but of course it has to be relevant and useful content to your readers. The most recent thinking however, has concluded that ‘great content is not enough’. In fact, 64% of […]

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The three keys to Internet marketing success

June 14, 2013

With millions and millions of people all over the world diving headfirst into the landscape of business online, you’re going to be up against some pretty stiff competition. We’ve never seen a global business environment quite like this before in human history – but you do have an edge and advantage on your side. The […]

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How to block annoying EU cookie alerts in 3 simple steps

April 22, 2013

As the topic of the online tracking and privacy becomes increasingly sensitive, some national governments try to regulate this. However, as it often happens, the implementation of new laws leaves much to be desired. EU Cookie Law An EU cookie law is a good example of a poor implementation of a great idea. Since the […]

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How to avoid your outgoing e-mails being caught up in spam/junk filter

March 17, 2013

When you e-mail people you don’t “know” (as in, have already communicated with via e-mail in the past, so their address book might contain your e-mail address), there’s a chance of your e-mail ending up in their spam/junk filter, let’s just call it spam filter. While it doesn’t happen so often, it really can depend […]

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Fix: Mountain Lion “Apple Mail 6.0” problems with sender (reply-from) and mail folders/boxes

August 29, 2012

UPDATE – MARCH 17th 2013: This bug has now been fixed (only took Apple 7-8 months to do it!), with the latest release, OS X 10.8.3. So fire up Software Update and update your Mountain Lion! No more need for the Apple Script below. Sorry for the long subject but it’s a bit hard to […]

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Increase Your uTorrent v3.1.3 Download Speed to 1 Mbps

August 9, 2012

Almost every one of us has used Torrent to download files. In some cases, depending upon various factors, the speed is high or low. Generally, more seeders increase the download speed. However, even if there are hundreds of seeders the speed seems too low. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to increase the […]

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Laptop or Desktop – Which one is the Best and Why Should Choose It

March 13, 2012

Over the years, the decision many people have been faced with is to make a choice between a desktop computer and a laptop computer. Many who are not ready to spend much would decide to go for a desktop computer. But on the long run they’ll have to settle for less, considering the fact that […]

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How to be Thrifty Even if you are a Gadget Freak

December 8, 2011

Nowadays, technology develops very fast to such a degree that the technologically-superior gadgets and equipments that we have right now are going to be obsolete within the next 3 years.  Take for instance mobile phones.  Just a decade ago, mobile phone companies were trying to do their best to crunch their system into a smaller […]

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