The Importance of Product-Market Fit in 2022

Nowadays, the world of startups and businesses is going through major changes. Swift developments are taking place. New terms and concepts are stemming up. Product-market fit is another such concept that is constantly gaining popularity. If you are not sure what exactly it refers to, this article is for you.  What is Product-Market Fit?  Product-Market … Read more →

10 Best Online Ticketing Software of 2022

Helpdesk management software should be nothing less than incredible in the way that helps your employees work efficiently. Sluggish services frustrate customers and put a lot of stress on your teams. If you are using a system that is not getting you the desired result or if you do not have a helpdesk management software … Read more →

How To Start E-Commerce Business In 2022?

Thanks to COVID-19- switching your business to online is now a thing of the past! Covid-19 has augmented the “eCommerce” trend by more or less 5 years. Yes, you heard it right! Did you know? Ecommerce had a 14.1% share of the worldwide retail sector in 2019, and Statista predicts that by 2023, 22% of … Read more →

5 steps to protect yourself against cyber crime in 2022

With many of us spending more time online than ever, cybercriminals are coming up with new and creative ways to steal our personal information. Between data breaches, identity theft and email scams, we’ve seen plenty of cyber threats over the past couple of years, and that’s sure to continue. Luckily, there are easy, practical steps … Read more →

Apple’s to release low-budget iPhone SE Plus 5G (2022)

Every four years, Apple releases a new SE (special edition) iPhone. Recent leaks and speculations, on the other hand, hint at more regular budget iPhone launches, such as in 2024, when Apple is likely to revamp the most inexpensive iPhone to bring it in line with more recent models. If Apple releases such a device, … Read more →

Six Leading UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022

We are living in the midst of exciting times. Drones are delivering packages, robots are welcoming visitors at stores and cars are driving themselves. While technological advancements open amazing new possibilities for humans, they also bring to life brand-new problems that need to be solved. With so many technological advances occurring simultaneously, it’s difficult to … Read more →

Personal Finance & Investment Tips for 2022

So it’s the first month of a new year and we can all feel that pinch post-Christmas. January is a great time to re-strategize and build healthy personal finance resolutions. There is no better time to feel motivated to set financial goals and make decisions towards a brighter financial future. Whether you are looking to … Read more →

All 5G Phones That Are Coming In 2022

  The craze for the latest phones is real! Do you also crave to get your hands on the latest cellphones in the market? Telecommunication companies keep on introducing new gadgets with better features and classier designs that leave us in awe every time. The current sensation is the market is all about 5G phones! … Read more →