AI Automation in Filmmaking: Roll camera – AI – Action!

PICTURE COURTESY: Zohar Lazar Remember Jarvis, Iron Man’s AI-backed companion with British accent and an obedient “at-your-service sir” attitude? How astounding it is to witness a tech-world where imaginary characters can become a reality with the help of AI. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has already started to work on the subject by inventing his personal … Read more →

AI Chatbot Trends for 2020

An application that has revolutionized the world with its amazing capability of answering like humans is Chatbot. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss several trends in the development of chatbots for the upcoming year.  Before moving ahead, let’s look at various stats and facts related to chatbots: 15 percent of customers have … Read more →

AI Trading Systems Will Impact Wall Street: Here’s How

By repeatedly depicting intelligent bots taking over the world, decades of sci-fi films have equated artificial intelligence or AI with death and destruction. Au contraire, the AI revolution currently taking place in the real world features no such coups. AI is slowly making its presence felt by permeating into all kinds of decision-making processes that … Read more →

5 ways AI can Transform CRM Software in 2019

The recent report says Global Artificial intelligence market for CRM is expected to raise USD 123 Billion by 2024 in major countries like USA, France, Germany, Japan, China etc. This new report based on Artificial intelligence impact on CRM software in near future. Especially it is depends on type of application consists support service, sales, … Read more →

How Advanced Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Service Desk

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., continues to fill the headlines with promises of programs that can actually learn, think, and make decisions. This removes the need for complex programming instructions that define exactly what needs to be done in a given scenario. Instead, by looking at large datasets thousands of times over, a learning A.I. can … Read more →

9 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Company Prosper

Every business owner is concerned with owning a prosperous business today. Here are some ways that AI can help you accomplish this. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) are important topics to discuss today as they’re growing increasingly popular throughout the business world. While AI is still a work in … Read more →

Tech: The Final Frontier

If you’re my age, meaning you’re floating somewhere in between the first and last millennials, you probably remember a childhood with much simpler technology. The early years comprised tinker toys, VCRs, cassette tapes, and your parents’ polaroid camera. Your mom showed you Windows Paint on Microsoft Windows 95, and your dad still held on to … Read more →

AIMLA – The New Era Of Technology

We are living in a world where computers and machines are interacting with each other without human interaction in between. Self-driving cars are racing on the roads, handy devices such as Alexa, and Siri is understanding human commands and performing the tasks with zero mistakes. Technological advancements made things simple, accurate, transparent, and more importantly … Read more →

Benefits of software development company and the trends it follows

“Change is the only constant.” This quote perfectly explains the software development market. This market has millions of companies and billions of developers. The need of software development is growing every day with growing percent of demand. The technology upgrades every minute, and every technology needs the new support system, new kind of software, new … Read more →

5 AI Tools to Get You Started with Marketing Automation (Without Them Taking Over!)

The AI doomsayers predict an AI “jobpocalypse” is coming. Many factory jobs have already been replaced by mechanized production lines. Some of the next to go will be drivers. Then… maybe even the creative, cognitive jobs will go too. Or maybe not. Kevin Kelly, acclaimed predictor of technology trends, has a more optimistic view. Kevin … Read more →

Jobs You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Threatened By Tech But Are

Bringing robots and automation software into the office can create a lot of tension across the board for employees and employers. In the workplace, many employees’ first thoughts about automation are that this automation revolution will end up eliminating jobs for human workers. In certain cases, robots have already taken over more blue-collar jobs like … Read more →

Death of a Salesman – or perhaps not?

It’s true that the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot of people worried about the future. But, should salespeople be part of that group who are wringing their hands and wiping the sweat from their brows? What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial Intelligence (AI), as the term was coined back in the 1950’s, … Read more →

How AI Based Mobile App Development Will Involve in 2018?

Artificial intelligence, now as the 2017’s trendsetter, will set the benchmark in 2018. The latest Gartner’s report reveals that, for the world’s biggest 200 companies, by 2018 will all in all use intelligent apps and leverage big data analytics to reinvent their user experience strategies. Currently, the market is whelmed with plenty of Intelligent apps, … Read more →