How to Boost Employee Engagement

Hopefully, the fact that you have decided to read this article means you have realized the value of your employees and are now looking for ways to increase your employee engagement. More than ever, organizations are depending on the dedication and engagement of their employees to prosper in the current market. A successful employee engagement … Read more →

Why is Incorporating Ergonomic Design In the Office Crucial for Employee Productivity?

We, as hard-working people, spend hours every day at work. It is reasonable to aim to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible. The benefits can present themselves on multiple planes, such as productivity, comfort and even health and employee retention. Ergonomic design is much more than matching your chairs with your office work … Read more →

How to Transition from One Intern to the Next

In many ways, the transition between interns is like the transition between employees. Someone familiar with the office and with the job duties is leaving, and a new, unfamiliar person, is taking the position. But intern job duties are typically easier to pick up on, since interns generally don’t stay at one place for too long. … Read more →