6 Website Design Tips for New Startup

When you think of advertisement, one of the very first things that would strike your mind is the interactive surface for customers. This makes a website one of the most fundamental components of any marketing strategy. Hence, your website needs some key features to make your establishment work with all types of people and to … Read more →

9 must-read books for tech start-ups in 2020

Are you ready to grow your tech business in 2020? As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and this is doubly true in the competitive world of business. Learning new information is vital if you want to stay ahead of the competition and gain valuable business insight. From learning how to promote productivity in … Read more →

The Growing Relationship Between Banks and Fintech Startups

Introduction      Imagine a world without banks. A few decades ago, a lack of banks would present a disaster for the world, as there would be no possible way to keep funds secure. However, the truth of this has diminished today, with alternatives to banks growing by the day. Out of these alternatives, one stands above … Read more →

“There are no weekends or time-offs in a startup” – Rohit Manglik’s advice to the Naïve Entrepreneurs 

Life is too short to learn everything after making mistakes. And entrepreneurial life is even shorter, it doesn’t give second chances too often. There are a few things that you need to get done in the first go. Hence, some lessons should also be learned from others.  Look at the ones who have gone before … Read more →

Five Startup Mistakes that You Must Stay Clear From

Startups are hitting the groove like never before and there is a startup culture brewing all over. That’s definitely a sign of entrepreneurship picking up substantially and surely a piece of good news for all sectors. But it is also pertinent to mention here that there are some aspects that a startup should focus on … Read more →

Startup Companies – The Leaders in Central America

Central America is going through something of a startup revolution. Thanks, in part, to government-backed accelerator schemes and foreign investment from multinational brands who are looking for new growth opportunities, entrepreneurs in every industry, from technology right through to cleaning, are seeing a change. Access to funding and low running costs has meant that Central … Read more →

The Best Startups in Argentina – Where to Watch?

In the past ten years, the Argentinian startup ecosystem has exploded at an unprecedented level, with more entrepreneurs from the country and from overseas investing in new business ideas and putting their great ideas into practice. Despite confidence in the country’s economy dwindling, investors are continuing to pour funds into Argentina as they see the … Read more →

What It Takes To Get Your Mobile App Startup Off The Ground

In the era of startup businesses, 2 out of 5 employees are planning to quit their jobs to start their own brand. It’s the norm for aspiring tech entrepreneurs to want to build a technologically-based business, be it a cloud-based service or a social media platform. One of the main trends in the tech industry is … Read more →

From Startup to Big shot: What it takes to drive your business success

When business professionals develop startups, they typically want to ensure that the company becomes as successful as possible. To make success happen, it’s important to have a strategic plan which includes multiple growth strategies that will generate great outcomes like enhanced conversion rates, more industry influence, customer loyalty, and brand ambassadorship. Below you’ll find just … Read more →