Enhance the Online traffic of Your Website Using White Hat SEO Techniques

What are White Hat SEO Techniques: Also known as Ethical Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) techniques, white hat SEO refers to the practice of those optimalization techniques and strategies that largely focus on relevancy for readers using the policies and guidelines of the search engines. These techniques are used by those websites that intend to invest … Read more →

How to get the most out of content marketing

Although a relatively new trend in corporate advertising, content marketing has quickly become one of the most transformative and revolutionary efforts among businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry. Content marketing was at first a fairly simple and one-dimensional game in which businesses posted short blogs and news stories rich with target keywords. … Read more →

How to Protect your Children against Inappropriate Internet Content

Internet holds numerous sorts of data and not all are appropriate for your kids to view. In fact, there are myriads of inappropriate, age restricted content, cyberbullies, child predator, identity thieves, hackers and malwares looming over your network to seek a chance to enter your computer. First step towards protecting your kids and computer against … Read more →

Important Content Strategy Tips for beginners

Content Strategy is a comparatively new phenomenon. It is closely related to content marketing, SEO, web development and the likes. Content strategy has 2 very basic objectives. The first objective ensures that the expectations of the users are given maximum importance while the second objective ensures that the business goals are not ignored in an … Read more →

5 Ways to Fire up Your Blog Audience

Presently the blog viewers and audience is very much alert and attentive about what is actually presented to them in regards to when different blogs initially are appeared over the World Wide Web. In today’s world, it is extremely imperative that a blogger must comprehend the tricks and procedures that are essential to find the … Read more →

Warning against freelance writer Pranav Jain ([email protected]) [UPDATED – Oct. 4th]

UPDATE – OCTOBER 4TH: Pranav Jain has done the right thing and issued a full refund. The lesson to be learned here is to not pay upfront for content unless you know the writer – and be sure to run the text through copyscape.com or similar to make sure it’s not copied from elsewhere. I … Read more →