How to automate your blog so you are faster, more efficient and earn more

Sometimes the sheer size of the tasks and activities involved in running a blog can simply be overwhelming. With tasks ranging from crafting and developing expert articles to monitoring traffic and tracking your earnings, blogging has come a long way since the early days. Today, many people still tackle lots of blogging tasks head-on, adopting … Read more →

5 Ways Social Media Can Influence on Your Blog

Blogging is not about writing, it is not about photographing or reposting pictures. It is not about adding event schedules or sharing your experience. Blogging is about communication with readers and cooperation with other bloggers. In a modern world where everything is going on online, you need to implement all possible ways of introducing online … Read more →

Can a Marketing Degree Aid Your Blog?

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Avoid These Three On-Site Hiccups That Could Be Holding Back You Blog

When it comes to building a truly outstanding blog, the name of the game is expectations. For example, modern bloggers are expected to… Constantly update their sites on a regular basis to please readers and search engines Boast a sleek, attractive design that holds visitors’ attention and keeps traffic on the page Craft compelling content … Read more →

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Design POP

What does it mean to make a blog design POP? A blog design that pops is simply one that grabs people’s attention and can often times evoke a “Wow!” Does it mean that you must make your blog really extreme in order to get noticed? No, it does not, especially if you are doing it … Read more →

3 Questions That Your Blog Must Answer

Starting a blog and turning it into a success can be a huge achievement. One reason why many blogs fail is that they don’t adequately assess the basic whys and hows of their blog. If they could only start at the beginning, they would be in a much better position. What kind of reader are … Read more →

Find themes for your website seamlessly with Themesfinder

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Blog Design – What to Look Out For

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4 tips for designing your blog

Design is the first thing that people see who visits your blog. If your design does not look nice or they find it annoying, they will surely not re-enter in your blog and keep you into oblivion. So today we bring you some basic guidelines to consider when looking for the best design for your blog: 1) … Read more →

5 tips for attracting advertisers to your blog

Even though the idea of blogging started off as simply having a place from which to share your ideas with the world, it quickly blossomed into a pastime that can be turned into a profitable career. If you want to pursue a career as a professional blogger, you will quickly find out that your best … Read more →

31 Days to make a Better Web Blog!

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