Confessions Of An Online Gamer – Why Cheating Is Irresistible

Many of the web searches related to mobile games today involve tips, tricks, and cheats. Yes, many want to improve their scores or pass through difficult game levels by scouring the Internet for useful information. But is this the right thing to do? Isn’t cheating taking away the fun in playing mobile games? Fortunately, for … Read more →

City Building Games for the Tyrant in You

Old school gamers will remember the first time they played a city building game. Most likely, that game was Sim City (released in 1989). These games were such a departure from the games of the time because of its concept. Builder games focused more on open-ended play. And with this type of gameplay, you can … Read more →

The 7 Most Annoying Video Game Cheats

We’re all familiar with how people cheat on video games. Even during the earlier years of consoles, they have already existed. They provide players respite from very difficult levels or hard-to-beat adversaries. However, not all of them are useful… There are some cheats that are just downright annoying. In fact, you’d even wonder why they … Read more →

New and Upcoming PlayStation 3 Games 2013

It is no wonder that the PS3 console has achieved such high sales this season. The reason for that is the remarkable amount of interesting games being released for this console. Which Microsoft’s Xbox relies primarily on the die-hard Halo fan base, and little to no innovative titles, the PS3 is on the run to … Read more →

Top 5 Online Games Based from Hit TV Shows

It is often said that we humans are social beings.  This is in fact true, but it can also be said that we are also fond of entertainment.  One of the best entertainment equipment ever made is perhaps the television, with shows covering a multitude of genre to cater to our preferences.  Some of the … Read more →

Older Generations Being Social With Online Bingo

The older generation have always been synonymous with the humble game of bingo, conjuring images of smoky seaside clubs filled with blue rinses and bingo daubers. With the advent of online bingo, the game has been somewhat revived amongst younger players – but that hasn’t stopped online bingo capturing the attention of some older gamers. … Read more →

Top 10 Arcade Classics of the 80’s

Photo Credit: NamcoBandaiGames This article was produced by games room merchants, Home Leisure Direct – suppliers of pool tables, arcade machines, table tennis tables and wide range of home entertainment products. If you don’t know how to sing the theme to Mario Bros, you missed the 80’s. If the 1970’s provided a commercial platform for … Read more →