13 Reasons to Deploy Remote Desktop Services for Your Workplace

65% of employees worldwide think that they don’t need the office environment to be productive today. (Source: World Economic Forum)  Therefore, businesses need to heads start at high speed while figuring out security and data-centric access for their workforce. Moving toward hybrid work models makes it easy to make an informed, productive decision. An efficient … Read more →

Which will be more valuable in the upcoming years – Online or Offline? 

The 2019-20 pandemic has arisen in the increase of more online business. When all people across the world locked themselves inside their houses, many businesses went on the verge of dissolution. Buyers and sellers both were in trouble. Buyers could not buy their commodities as they could not step out. Sellers had to sit inside … Read more →

Benefits of online community and web self-service for businesses during a time of remote working 

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are compelled to adapt and diversify to ensure that they remain fully operational.  With the majority of us not experiencing something like this before, it can become an overwhelming and disheartening time. In times like this, we must rely on social technology to ensure that we can … Read more →

Home Office Ideas for a Trendy Working Space

What Stylish Ideas Can You Use for Your Home Office? Your work zone should mirror your very own style Trendy Home Office Ideas Working from home helps you realize that adding some beautiful, decorative home office ideas to your workspace is essential. Your work zone should mirror your very own style. Modern workspaces can be … Read more →

12 Things Employees Want from Their Workplace

Image source Although most employers believe that increasing a worker’s salary will make them happy, this is simply not true. In order to boost workers’ overall job satisfaction, you need more than splashing dollar bills at them. In fact, there are at least 12 things that employees appreciate at the work station. Respect from superiors … Read more →

Tools to Bring to Your Remote Workplace Together

More businesses are getting used to the concept of ‘remote-workplace’ than ever before due to burgeoning infra cost for office setup and physical communication hassles. Also, with remote-workplace culture stepping in, a global workforce can be accessed so that there can be diversity and multiple thoughts can go into a business. Working remotely also has … Read more →

How to Streamline Trainings at Workplace

The process of hiring employees for your organization is just like firing a gunshot at the beginning of the race. But turning your new and existing employees into long-term future top-performers isn’t mere sprint but a marathon. It takes huge amount of effort, coordination and planning to reach the finish line, and everyone needs some … Read more →

How Technology Can Improve Workplace Safety

It is extremely difficult these days to find businesses that do not benefit from the use of technology. This is true whether we are talking about daily administrative tasks or sales operations. The utilization of technology for employee screening is extremely important as HR departments are better able to pinpoint qualified applicants through these resources. … Read more →

How Bad Enterprise Software Can Drive Away Your Top Talent

Companies invest in enterprise software with the primary goal of enhancing productivity and efficiency by supporting business logic. The right software solution can perform various business functions including bookkeeping, accounting, customer relationship management and order processing. Because EAM, CRM and ERP software and other enterprise applications perform a variety of key functions, they often require … Read more →

5 Most Secured Enterprise Chat Apps for Large Organisations

Enterprise-wide chat apps offer the most secure and productive way to engage with your team members, and network with remote workers and stakeholders. Live enterprise chat takes away the equation of hierarchy, allowing management to speak freely with team members. Chat software allows every tier of the enterprise to build meaningful relationships with different departments … Read more →

How to Stay Productive at Work Through the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . to be easily distracted from important work. As fun and exciting as the holidays are, it can stress even the most focused professional. You’ve got gifts to buy, parties to plan, and end-of-the-year projects breathing down your neck. Meanwhile, the days grow ever shorter … Read more →

A Home Office You Can Actually Work From

Working from home is the dream for a lot of people. Whether it’s because it helps you contend with a health condition that makes travel onerous, allows you to balance child care with work more effectively or simply to avoid the morning commute, a day of working from home is a great relief! To make … Read more →