Networking in the field of Fashion Designing

Like other career tracks, fashion designing also needs efficient networking sources to maintain its standards. It is very important to have contacts with other professionals of the same field to stay up to dated. Fashion is a field where every day matters, every inch is measured and every criticism is taken very seriously. For this … Read more →

14 UX design books: the essential reading list

Staying up to date is a key to success whether you’re a designer or an entrepreneur. To keep up with the ever-changing world, you have to follow trends, you should search for inspiration and you should create and innovate. If you’re a genius UX designer, you need to develop your business skills, etc. There is … Read more →

7 Tips To Create An Impressive Mobile App Icon

Businesses definitely give their high efforts and concerns for increasing the user access rates of the apps and increase the download rates from the app store. A distinguished app with impressive and outstanding features would certainly hike up the download and access rates. An app should be unique and eye-catchy with the high functioning features … Read more →

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Design POP

What does it mean to make a blog design POP? A blog design that pops is simply one that grabs people’s attention and can often times evoke a “Wow!” Does it mean that you must make your blog really extreme in order to get noticed? No, it does not, especially if you are doing it … Read more →

Blog Design – What to Look Out For

Many people use blogging application templates such as Blogger templates and WordPress themes to build their blogs. Since many other people are using the same templates and themes, you need to customize your design so as to ensure that your blog stands out. A good blog design should be a representation of your personality, as … Read more →

Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Believe it or not, mobile commerce is steadily increasing day by day.  In the year 2013, it has been estimated that there will be about 1.7 billion mobile users!  This is very good news for online businesses that will benefit greatly if potential customers will be able to access their websites from their mobile devices.  … Read more →

4 tips for designing your blog

Design is the first thing that people see who visits your blog. If your design does not look nice or they find it annoying, they will surely not re-enter in your blog and keep you into oblivion. So today we bring you some basic guidelines to consider when looking for the best design for your blog: 1) … Read more →

Could HTML5 kill Flash for good?

The whole HTML5 vs Flash debate really started with the launch of iPhone worldwide when more and more people became aware that Flash-based websites didn’t work on iPhone. With that, non-flash versions of previously Flash-based websites began to popup around the Internet as more and more people started using iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch.

Then when iPad came about a year ago, Flash almost became world-known since iPad, like iPhone, also did not support flash. I’m sure web companies such as Tampa web design saw an increase in their business as more and more website owners wanted to optimize their website for iOS devices. I believe there are some 100 million iOS devices out there now (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) so that’s a big chunk of the Internet to cut-off by relying mostly on Flash for your website, shop, portfolio etc.

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Seven Best iPad Apps for Designers

The iPad is the ideal tablet computer for all kinds of professional requirements, entertainment and games, and facilitates every possible task. Thus it meets all the business needs, the educational needs of the student, entertainment while on the move, games and videos for children, music for those who enjoy it and design apps that will … Read more →