Motorola DEFY XT535 – Quick Review

March 30, 2012

Finally, we welcome a real smartphone that is not only smart, but it is tough as well. Even though many people said that the new DEFY will just be a slightly improved version of the DEFY Mini, it is safe to say that they were very wrong. Namely, the Chinese market is going crazy about […]

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Two Scenarios in Which You Know You Need to Insure Your Mobile Phone

March 16, 2012

So you’ve just purchased a brand new smart phone. It does nearly everything, save from, perhaps, polishing your shoes or brewing you coffee in the morning. You are awfully proud of it and keep downloading all the latest apps for it. You show it off at the office, and basically anyone and everyone who knows […]

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The Nokia Lumia 900 squares up to its predecessor, the Lumia 800

February 16, 2012

There is nothing like an upgrade to allow smartphone users to consider how far their favourite manufacturer has come along. The Nokia Lumia 800 was a definite watershed for Nokia. Its first Windows Phone device, representing a shedding of its in-house Symbian technology, the device combined a good build and design with an impressive operating […]

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Turning Your Resolution Into Reality With Fitness Apps

January 4, 2012

We use our smartphones for just about everything these days. We used to need cameras, but now our smartphones handle that. We used to need mp3 players, but our smartphones have us covered. Now that there are a host of great fitness apps, your smartphone might be able to take the place of your personal […]

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How to look after your smartphone

September 30, 2011

Some of today’s top mobile phones cost more than the average TV – so it’s well worth doing what you can to look after your own handset. With that in mind, here are some of our top tips for taking care of your smartphone. Buy a cover Many of us know that gut-wrenching feeling when […]

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5 Leaks on the New Windows 8 Smartphone Operating System Improvements

July 3, 2011

The Windows 8 promises some great improvements for those who love to use their smartphone. The new operating system will allow us to have the same operating system on our tablet, laptop and smartphone. This will be the first time we have had this as a reality. The closest thing to this has been Apple’s […]

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Android closing in on Apple’s iOS in the US

January 4, 2011

Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS are somewhat even in the United States in terms of market shares. Apple is leading with 28.6% market shares for smartphones and Android is just behind with 25.8%, according to data collected by The Nielsen Company in November 2010. A difference between iOS and Android of just […]

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3 Best Smartphones In The Market

October 6, 2010

Smartphones are more than phones that you can not only make calls, but also use them to read and send emails, browse websites, use as personal organizers with to-do list and calendars, electronic books, automatic reminders and alarms, meetings and memos, business tools and digital cameras, GPS navigators and much more. 2010 has been more […]

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