All About Touchscreen Kiosks

Just about every ATM, self-checkout station in a supermarket, and control center in the world has something in common: touch screen technology. Touchscreen kiosks are a common part of the world today, and users are becoming more and more familiar with finding these all over the place. Almost all ATMs use a touchscreen monitor to … Read more →

CRM Software – Its Many Benefits for Businesses of any Size

What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) is described as a software technology and in general a business strategy that enables business companies, whether big or small, to easily and effectively manage their sales leads, orders, accounts and case management. The benefits of using CRM software include increased revenue from managing orders and accounts in … Read more →

Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Believe it or not, mobile commerce is steadily increasing day by day.  In the year 2013, it has been estimated that there will be about 1.7 billion mobile users!  This is very good news for online businesses that will benefit greatly if potential customers will be able to access their websites from their mobile devices.  … Read more →

Poker On Your Phone

There’s never been a better time to enjoy online poker; especially now that it’s even possible to play directly from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy to get started and begin enjoying the benefits of being able to play literally whenever you choose. Why wait until you can get to your PC to play … Read more →

Electronic Cigarettes and Things You Should Know

There are two specialized parts of an electronic cigarette: the atomizer and the battery. The electronic cigarette is possible today because of advancements in technology. Such an invention 15 years ago would have been much more expensive and way too large to take the place of a tobacco cigarette. In the little stick of 3-5 … Read more →

Worried about using your credit card online?

Usually I’d say “don’t be”. There’s nothing wrong with using your credit card online, it’s mostly safe and mostly convenient at the same time. Just follow a few simple precautions to minimize the chances of being a victim of credit card fraud, such as: Never give your PIN code to anybody (you don’t need your … Read more →

iPad and the rise of the online game

The iPad was released to much fanfare just a few short years ago everywhere from Canada to Australia. With so much press and consumer discussion before its launch, it was sure to be a sell out on the first day. And as always, Apple did not disappoint. Within days of launch, the iPad had become … Read more →

The Customer Is Always Right? Consumers Demand Better Customer Service Through Social Media

The results are in, and consumers throughout the US are demanding even faster customer service through instant-response channels like social media. According to a May 2012 Conversocial customer survey, 30% of customers now expect a response to their queries within minutes. More than 50% of customers describe their interactions with businesses as disappointing and mediocre … Read more →

5 Web Tools Your Company Should Embrace

As a small business owner, you’re doing everything you can to make your online presence the best it can be. And without incurring extra expenses. In addition to installing that new DS3 line, which gave you more bandwidth at a lower cost, you should also explore some of the cool tools the web offers. Combined with your … Read more →

Integrated Security Systems You Can Manage From Your Laptop

In the past 30 years, mankind has made great strides with technology. The internet, which was first created as a government-only network in 1982, is now easily accessible on everybody’s mobile phones. With that capability, we are able to do so much more than ever before. For instance, your home security system can now be … Read more →