The Future of Online News Content

The world of news has been in a turbulent place for a few years now, and it is undoubted that the boom of the Internet has been partly to blame. Despite the many advantages of worldwide connections from computer to computer for the newsgathering process, newspaper sales have been heavily in decline – resulting in many professionals losing their jobs in an already competitive environment.

However, the iPad has come into save the day, and now with apps such as The Daily (the new newspaper exclusively for the tablet device from Rupert Murdoch), media outlets are getting the confidence to explore this platform with more vigor. The only problem now is this: how can these new pieces of technology be monetized effectively?

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Using Visual Similarity In Image Searching on Your Mac

Some amazing developments in Mac software continue to come from both research centers and private developers. We are well aware of applications like Spring Cleaning from Smith Micro Software. This software will perform a large variety of functions, such as finding archives, disk images, empty folders, font files, superfluous help files, music, podcast and even … Read more →

The Differences Between Toner Cartridge Options for Your Printer

Laser printers are mostly used for their speed and large printing capabilities.  Most large business printers are laser printers because the printer ink can be stored for longer periods of time in the laser toner cartridge and thus allowing huge printing projects to be done with one cartridge.  What makes toners stand out from their … Read more →

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

You can make use of other’s websites to promote and attract traffic towards yours. The category of SEO in which you tries to drive traffic from external websites is known as Off Page Search Engine Optimization. Here are a few commonly used Off Page SEO techniques. Social Networking Sites Social networking sites are a great … Read more →

Planned Obsolescence: How the Industry Causes Tech Gadget Addiction

We’ve all heard about how addicting our current technological gadgets can be. It’s not uncommon to run across at least one article in a major newspaper decrying the constant, obsessive use of our smart phones. We’ve heard the horror stories of accidents caused by texting while driving, and we’re also constantly reminded how screen addiction … Read more →

5 Tips To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With the increasing trend in mobile platform, there are limitations of the website being displayed in the actual HTML format as designed for your web browsing over a PC or a laptop. These HTML formats could be made more amicable to make your website supportive and adapt efficiently to work well on the mobile platform. … Read more →

A Look At the Upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets

It’s no secret that many insiders have forecast that 2011 will be the year of the tablet. Where their opinions may differ, however, is in predicting which tablet will outperform the others in what is shaping up to be a highly competitive market. A panoply of manufacturers are set to release Android 3.0 Honeycomb devices … Read more →

Amazon Kindle revolutionizes reading habits

While we are all busy tracking earth shattering inventions and gadgets, there is a silent revolution taking place in the book publishing world. Ebooks have entered the domain which techies feared to enter – e-publishing. The pioneer in this field is once again Amazon which brought out the first real, paper-like ebook reader – The … Read more →

10 Best Printers for Macs

As a Mac user, you already realize that some peripherals are simply not suited for use with an Apple computer. Most printers are capable of interfacing with both Mac and Windows machines, but there are some printers that are just better when used with Mac hardware. Here are the ten best printers to consider if … Read more →

6 Ways to Turbo Boost Your Wireless Internet

Internet usage has evolved from slow dial-up to fast, efficient speeds. Wireless Internet service is one of the quickest ways to access and navigate through the web. However, this application can be slow due to problems within your home or office. No matter what the problem, there are some quick fixes that will put you … Read more →

Seven Best iPad Apps for Designers

The iPad is the ideal tablet computer for all kinds of professional requirements, entertainment and games, and facilitates every possible task. Thus it meets all the business needs, the educational needs of the student, entertainment while on the move, games and videos for children, music for those who enjoy it and design apps that will … Read more →