10 Easy Ways to Generate Content for New Blog

You’re a blogger, and like any blogger, you want to draw in as many readers as you can. Of course, the best way is to constantly write exciting content which people will want to read and share. However, regardless of how enthusiastic you might be, you will still have trouble creating quality content every week. … Read more →

How can Automatic SEO help you create better content strategy?

Content and SEO are counterparts of each other. Sure, content is king, but if it isn’t optimized for search engines, then it is pointless. If you want consistent organic traffic, create high-quality content that ranks well in organic search results. Meaning, you need a content strategy that drives SEO results. An SEO content strategy targets … Read more →

3 Brilliant Award Ideas to Grow Your Audience

Award programs are a powerful component of business building and branding. Not only do they recognize your most valuable people, they also provide the platform for additional marketing outreach. This post looks at three award strategies that can amplify your reach and expand your audience base. Award User Generated Content (UGC) User generated content (UGC) … Read more →

Must Follow Steps for Conversion-Oriented Content

Content is king, coin, blood that runs in the veins of digital marketing. But you must be tired of reading about it, right? The truth is that constant content production, combined with your goals and strategy, ensures search engine positioning, loyal and engaged audience, and recurrent and growing lead generation, which translates to more and … Read more →

Why Your Business Needs Video Content

The world is becoming more digital every day, so keeping up with the trends of technology has never been more important for businesses. Social media has become the main platform for communication, not just directly through messaging or commenting, but what we see online is what we discuss offline with our colleagues and friends. Whilst … Read more →

4 Incredible Tips for Earning Quality Backlink without Generating More Content

When it comes to search engine optimisation, backlinks are of great essence. Getting quality backlinks from numerous genuine sites indicates that you have interesting and informative content many sites would love to share with their users. Unfortunately, provision of such quality content takes time without forgetting other resources. Is that enough reason to get worried? … Read more →

5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Change SEO in 2017

Everyone has its own opinion about a business and the scope of business is changing with every passing day. It is therefore observed that people are adopting new strategies for their businesses, for example, content marketing has become a great practice in 2017 and first-hand businesses are financing content creating and distributing. One thing, therefore, … Read more →

How to create a profitable online micro-business on a shoestring budget

Getting set up with your very own online micro-business is a great side hustle, whatever your day job. It will provide extra income and give you a taste of entrepreneurship in the online world of commerce. Micro-businesses may not yield a huge amount of capital, but it is a great way for entrepreneurs to gain … Read more →

Optimizing Your Content for Better Traffic: 5 tips

Of course you want to get more traffic. I mean, why else maintain a blog, right? The big question is, however, how do you do that? There is so much information out there regarding that second question. Everybody and your internet phobic uncle Jimmy have a theory about how you should optimize your content. So … Read more →

Why You Need to Be Using Content Marketing

Let’s be honest. With so many changes in Google and Bing’s requirements, it can sometimes make you want to throw your hands up in despair and just get along using your own traditional marketing tactics. That’s understandable. With Google’s upgrades, crawls and algorithm more unpredictable than a British summer, you may be burnt out on … Read more →