Social Media Marketing Trend 2018

We all are aware to Social Media and with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn every business owner (entrepreneur) can generate tremendous online exposure for their brand as well as your products. With the help of these channels anyone can showcase their services. These are the channels that helps you to listen what … Read more →

Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018

The video marketing is the recent buzz in the social media. More than 95% users prefer to watch video on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to gain a better understanding of the subject. The video marketing layout is doing outstandingly well in the recent times and it is definitely the future of … Read more →

Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

Smartphones are a necessity these days. People are always looking for the next big thing in a smartphone. It can be anything from a camera, battery or speaker. lately a lot of the focus has shifted to camera of a phone. Whether we talk about selfies or simple photography, smartphones have started to cater to … Read more →

How much is the UK saving for retirement: fintech company reveals all

Fintech company, True Potential, highlights in their infographic below, that we add an average of £325 to our private pension pots each month — but which UK locations are best at saving? True Potential is so-called robo adviser, providing DIY investment portfolios. The company has developed an app that lets you effectively manage your investments … Read more →

Quora, Wisdom In The Social Crowd [Infographic]

The Internet is a whirlwind of data where the greater part of it is genuine, and quite a bit of it is false. Endeavours, for example, Wikipedia have demonstrated that by and large, Internet users have much learning on a wide range of subjects, learning that can be ordered and curated to frame important data … Read more →

Home Automation Apps – Infographic

By now, we’re all familiar with smartphones, but what about smart homes? While we won’t soon have anything as elaborate as what has been portrayed in various cartoons or sci-fi shows, we have entered an age where we can control many of our home’s main functions from our phones. Wouldn’t it be most convenient to … Read more →

6 Best Tablets For Under $100

Buying any piece of technology for around $100 is always going to be a gut-wrenching experience. Whether it be a new laptop, smartphone or tablet, our brains are wired to tell us that quality technology just doesn’t exist at this price. We are here to tell you (politely) that you’re wrong. Quality does exist at … Read more →

Simple Solutions to Our Everyday Healthcare Problems

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the market today. The introduction of the Affordable Care Act and recent changes to regulations have meant there are more people using healthcare than ever before. Naturally, there are startups whose main focus is to provide solutions to healthcare problems. While many of them … Read more →

Best B2B Mobile Apps – An Infographic

This time we all know that it is very difficult to run a B2B business because there is a lot of competition in the same. If you want to attract new business then there may be so many things that can cause problems over the course of the day. Anyone can have a lot of … Read more →