Friday Flick Find: Chase Jarvis’ 5 Tips for Exceptional Photographs

A few weeks ago in Friday Flick Find, I featured a video from Justine Ezarik, showing us how she shot a video for the Nikon Festival where you can win $100,000 by showing 140 seconds of your life as seen through the lens of a camera. Justine Ezarik is one of the three judges and … Read more →

New And Cleaner Google With ‘Fade In’ Awesomness

Google announced on their blog how they just launched a cleaner look of, showing only the search field, two buttons and the option to change language. Once you move your mouse, the options you’re used to see, will once again appear. If you’re using iGoogle, this change will not affect you. The result is … Read more →

New Trojan Horse Could Take Your Internet Connection Hostage

The antivirus experts at CA have stumbled upon a new trojan horse in the “ransomware” category. That’s the category for software that will demand a ransom, as the name implies. This Russian trojan horse appears to be a download manager called “uFast Download Manager”. Once you launch it, a message will inform you that you’ve … Read more →

iPhone Free Week – Day 5: HTC Tattoo, Android Market & Conclusion

It’s time to blog about my 5th day with the HTC Tattoo, which means I’ve been staying away from my iPhone for five days – congratulations, me 🙂 Previous articles in this series: Introduction To A Week With HTC Tattoo (Android) Warm-up To My “iPhone Replaced By Tattoo”-Experiment Day 1 & 2: HTC Tattoo, It’s … Read more →

Computer Security Is More Than Just Spyware & Viruses – It’s You!

Computer security, in basic terms means keeping your computer, and the data that is in it, safe and secure. More of our personal data is stored in or accessed from our computer, now more than ever before. Yet most people lack even the basic understanding of how to keep their computers safe and secure. By … Read more →

iPhone Free Week – Day 3: HTC Tattoo, Camera & Video Recording Quality

Welcome to day 3 in my iPhone Free Week where I’m using only a HTC Tattoo running Android, instead of my trusty old iPhone 3Gs. Today, I also have a home-made video for you. Before we continue, please allow me to mention some of the previous posts in the iPhone Free Week series: iPhone Free … Read more →

10 Reasons Not To Use An iPhone

In the middle of my iPhone free week where I’ll be using only a HTC Tattoo running Android, I thought it would be approriate to post these 10 reasons not to use an iPhone, from PC World Denmark. 1. Multitasking Apparently it’s “a dream come through” to be able to switch between your e-mail application, … Read more →

iPhone Free Week: Warm-up To My “iPhone Replaced By Tattoo”-Experiment

In my last post I introduced you to my little experiment of replacing my beloved iPhone 3GS with a HTC Tattoo running the Android operating system. Now I’d just like to touch some of the things that “switchers”, with a Mac, might come accross, especially when switching from an iPhone to an Android based phone. … Read more →