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10 Best Tips and Apps for Your Best Business Trip Yet

March 19, 2012

Today, it seems there’s an app for everything. For those of us who spend a great deal of time traveling, the good news is that there are apps to help make the most of your travel experience and save money in the process. We all know things can get expensive between accommodations, airfare, and car […]

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Top iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Lose Weight

March 14, 2012

Living with abnormal body weight is no less than a curse. In addition, if you find it difficult to lose weight in this technology-based world, you are certainly living under the rocks. If you can afford the much-acclaimed iPhone, you can add fuel to your weight loss efforts. There are innumerable applications designed for the […]

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Be Stylish and Beautiful with Help of iPhone Apps

March 5, 2012

Do you often wonder how to choose the right beauty products and fashion clothes that will adhere to your personality? Are you a big follower of the styles adopted by your favorite celebrities? Do you wish to obtain expert reviews on how to add latest items to your collections of clothes, shoes and makeup products? […]

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Locate Free Wi-Fi With Free Zone Wi-Fi Android App

February 20, 2012

With the advent in technology, Wireless internet is on a roll these days. Whether it be a school, college, or a cafe, all these places are well equipped with Wi-Fi networks. So why not locate free Wi-Fi and use them to save our 3G internet bills. Isn’t that a cool idea. Here’s an Android app which will help […]

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Top 5 Free Business Card App

February 19, 2012

The world keeps on evolving and the process can be attributed to the advancement of technology. Smart devices have simplified how people access information and organize their lives in general. Business card Apps are amongst the latest list of applications which have been created to enable smart phone users to simplify the storage and organization […]

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Top 3 Android Apps for Healthy Weight Loss

January 28, 2012

What apps do you usually download from the Android Market? Maybe games? Social apps? Book readers and music apps? I guess you do, since those are the most famous apps with the biggest download number on the Android Market. But did you know that Android Market has much to give those who’re trying to lead […]

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Turning Your Resolution Into Reality With Fitness Apps

January 4, 2012

We use our smartphones for just about everything these days. We used to need cameras, but now our smartphones handle that. We used to need mp3 players, but our smartphones have us covered. Now that there are a host of great fitness apps, your smartphone might be able to take the place of your personal […]

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You Don’t Need Business Cards When You Have These iPhone Apps

November 21, 2011

It is no doubt true that business cards are one of the most important items used in today’s date. These can help in swapping the contact details of different persons. Business cards have been in use since a long time, and these are mostly used for professional purposes. These cards largely help in the purpose […]

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5 Best Wine iPhone Apps that will make you say wow

November 10, 2011

iPhone and wine, does it sound incompatible? Yes to some extent, but they need not to be thanks to the availability of wide varieties of wine apps. With them you can have ample information about wine, about its origins, rates and host of other information while on the go. Just a touch of your finger […]

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MobileMe Gallery & iDisk alternative when MobileMe shuts down

October 28, 2011

With the launch of free iCloud on October 12th, it also meant the end of paid MobileMe. MobileMe was Apple’s paid version for having a e-mail address, folder online (iDisk), a gallery online, some synchronization between Mac apps etc. It came at a fee of around €79 a year (if I remember correctly). For some […]

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5 Great iPhone Apps for Travel Bloggers

September 9, 2011

People use their iPhones for many things; playing games when they’re bored, checking their Facebook and email, however, given that there are so many bloggers out there it’s surprising that many haven’t discovered the joys of blogging from their iPhone yet. Lending itself to being on the move, bloggers have a chance to report on […]

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How to Download Your Favorite Magazines on iPad?

July 19, 2011

As we know that in today’s advanced world we can get any type of information quickly and we can also share it with our friends just by swiping our fingers on screen. People are saying that the trend of reading magazines will pass away and no one will ever want to read out-dated magazines anymore. […]

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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Christian Women

July 11, 2011

Looking for cool iPhone apps that have a slight Christian bent to them and aimed at women? Below we highlight five cool iPhone apps for Christian women. Everything from fun silly apps to serious Bible loving happy apps. There really is an app for everything, so if our top picks don’t tickle your fancy, head straight […]

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Top 10 Sporting Apps for BlackBerry

July 3, 2011

Having a BlackBerry is ideal for any sports fan because of all of the great sporting apps that are available to download for all cell phone plans. The BlackBerry app world has hundreds of great sporting apps to choose from, but there are 10 apps that every sports fan must have downloaded on to their […]

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Flixlab’s iPhone app makes video editing social – without actually editing

June 22, 2011

Flixlab, a brand new iPhone application, is “social video & photo editing” without the need to actually edit anything, you can create and share great movies automatically, add transitions, titles, music etc., all with just a few taps on your iPhone display. The app basically works by sharing pictures and videos with your friends and […]

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Is the NYT iPad App Really Worth the Monthly Fee?

April 24, 2011

It’s no doubt that the iPad is extremely popular. Like a notebook computer, it can access the Internet and run a wide variety of programs and applications. Its touch screen features are perfect for reading PDFs and other documents since the user can easily scroll up and down and zoom in to text in detail […]

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The Collection – a revolutionary trendy ‘appazine’ for iPad

April 18, 2011

Have you ever thought about reading on your iPad the latest and hottest topics that only the top magazines can offer? The Collection Introducing the new iPad application called the “The Collection” – an appazine (a combination of app and magazine) – which was created to take journalistic apps to an entirely different new level. […]

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Home improvement – making it easy with mobile apps

April 13, 2011

Just as rapid as the growth in sales of the iPhone (see How big a data plan do you really need for your iPhone, March 21 2011) has been the explosion in the number of apps you can download. From games and entertainment, through business productivity to planning your travel itinerary, the breadth of the […]

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Free Applications for iPhones

March 28, 2011

Apple amazes everyone, mainly the gizmo freaks owing to its superb features and iphone apps which are fairly easy to install. The huge demand for the iPhones arises owing to its well integrated set of applications. The free iPhone applications can be found across wide categories namely news, entertainment, utilities and social networking etc. What […]

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7 iPad Apps That Can Save You Money

February 19, 2011

Your iPad is capable of much more than gaming, browsing the web, checking email and staying up to date with everything on the social web. In fact, come to think of it, there’s not much that it can’t do – including helping you to stay on top of your personal finances. Hand picked from the […]

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Using Visual Similarity In Image Searching on Your Mac

February 2, 2011

Some amazing developments in Mac software continue to come from both research centers and private developers. We are well aware of applications like Spring Cleaning from Smith Micro Software. This software will perform a large variety of functions, such as finding archives, disk images, empty folders, font files, superfluous help files, music, podcast and even […]

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RSS Beacon for iPad – Yet another RSS reader [Review]

November 15, 2010

There’s a ton of RSS readers out there for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. RSS Beacon is somewhat just yet another RSS reader, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. First of all, it has the social element, such as sharing to Twitter, e-mail etc., like most readers do nowadays, but […]

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Quick Tip: Free Mac data recovery software

November 9, 2010

Just a quick tip for Mac users on how to recover deleted or lost data, such as pictures or documents. CleverFiles has just released Disk Drill, which is a new free Mac data recovery software. Disk Drill recovers damaged and deleted data from external or internal hard drives, memory cards, etc. and allows protecting data […]

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